Save Money on Adwords

One small change in your adwords account can save you loads of money and make your advert show for more relevant searches. This is really easy to do and can save you lots of money in your Adwords account. It's a very simple edit that only takes a minute. You'll be glad you did!

Free Live Chat Software

Yep, completely free for however long you want to use. Communicate directly with users visiting your website in real time. Provide better support and more interaction on your website.  You can customise your chat widget to match your website colours, create welcome messages, pop up when you want it to. Logic behind the chat widget allows you to decide when it shows. You can even use this widget as an information bot, connecting the user to any part of your website through predefined questions.

Website Form Builder

It is now really easy to build your own website forms. You dont have to wait for your webmaster to create them. Using this amazing piece of software form creation is so simple. This is just the start though, the possibilities for lead generation are huge.


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