Marketing Automation

Once you have your lead, we then need to segment our lead and nurture the user with answers to their problems. A logical approach using their persona and content mapping designed to guide the user to an end goal such as a quote, a demo, and ultimately a sale. 

Nurture Your Leads

We help you systemise the process of lead nurturing. Using marketing automation software you can identify the activity of website users and act on their intent accordingly. Multi-platform advertising gives a holsitic approach to marketing your message.

Automate the process

We help you set up a process that will allow you to keep in touch with your leads. Identify and act on lead activity automatically through dynamic content and email strategies. Get your campaigns on autopilot.

Report and Notify

We help you deliver to sales the leads that show the highest intent. Notifications can be automated based on campaign goals, user lifecycle stage and other properties.

Get more leads, more engagement and more sales