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During January 2018 we are offering you the chance to have an Adwords Professional optimise one of your Adwords campaigns. 

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Here is what we will do for you - for FREE!


Analysis of all your keywords. Are you using the correct match type so that you adverts are only showing for relevant searches. 

Search Terms

Our investigation here will stop you spending money on search terms that are not relevant to you. This could save you hundreds of pounds.


We will ensure that your adverts are optimised and using maximium space with all the needed ad extensions.

Ad groups

We will ensure that your adgroups are tightly themed and relevant.


Correct set up of conversions so that you know exactly where your enquiries come from.


We will ensure that your Adwords account is properly connected to your analytics. This is essential.

You've got nothing to lose - try us now!

Why are we doing this for free?

We are so confident that we can save you money and improve your online marketing we are willing to let one of our adwords professionals optimise your Adwords account. This will show how much money we can save you and at the same time allow us to see what areas of advertising you are not taking advantage of.

Our hope is that you will become one of our clients but be assured that this is a no obligation offer.

Terms and Conditions

Our Adwords professional will spend up to one hour, free of charge, optimising your adwords search campaign. You will receive an email with suggestions and work completed, free of charge.  You will allow our adwords professional access to your Google Adwords account and Google analytics account (we can set this up if you do not have one). Our access can be removed after we have completed your optimisation.
Please allow up to 3 working days for us to access your account.

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Constant and consistent care.

We have a monthly, weekly and daily routine for our online marketing.
This ensures that your account is constantly being improved and worked on. 

We can adapt to trends and optimise for conversions. Our goal is to get you enquires. 

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We are a highly customer focussed team, based in the Milton Keynes area.
Our strength is in our price and our level of service.
We do not outsource and all design, build and promotion work is done in-house.

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