Take control of your website

Is your web agency holding you to ransom?

Are you a business that struggles to keep your website up to date due to high updating charges, slow response or simply lack of effort from your web agency?

Do you struggle to: 

  • Update your website pages regularly
  • Add relevant content 
  • Keep up to date with website trends
  • Have control over the design
  • Understand high charges for simple updates .

Manage Your Own Website

A self managed website with clear concise video training. Anyone can do it. Take control and say goodbye to high priced web agencies.

You can

  • Edit pages without coding knowledge
  • Use drag and drop functionality
  • Access constantly updated training videos
  • Have control over the design
  • Add in new functionality easily
  • Create your own contact forms
  • Get ongoing phone and email support
  • Deal with real people not automated machines. 

Getting Started


Initially we provide you a draft website which will allow you to learn the system and setup the website as you want. We will help you add your logo, font, branding and business details.

Additional Functionality

Edit your webpages without any coding knowledge. Your website will allow you to add lots of additional functionality such as call to actions, images, galleries, icons, maps, tabs, sliders, videos, and loads of other useful features.

Add Content

We will provide you with clear and simple instructional videos to show you how to make an informative and structured website. We will guide you all the way to make a great website. We even provide phone support.

Going Live

When your website is ready we can make sure that your existing website domain points to your new self managed website. If you want a new domain then no problem.

How Fast

It will take us 1 working day to get you started. You will have the ability to make it even better, whenever you want. No coding necessary with our simple editing system which will allow you to keep your website looking great, informative and modern
With over 20 years of website experience, you are not only getting a website you can manage, you are also getting access to a real experienced webmaster.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are constantly improving to make your website better
  • Training video respoitory to help you build your website.
  • Free Hosting for your website
  • Free Google Analytics integration
  • Free Hubspot Integration
  • No Contracts, cancel at anytime
  • Personalised tips for your business

Ongoing support

We are professional webmasters who have over 20 years of web experience. You are in safe hands.
FREE 7 Day Trial
You get 7 days to play with the system. It will not affect your existing domain.
Save Hundreds/Thousands
Why spend hundreds or thousands on a website when you can do it all yourself using our system?
Video Training Repository
All the training you need to get up and running. No faffing around, our videos are straight to the point.
Free SSL Certificate
Security is paramount. All our websites come with a free SSL certificate. Also great for SEO.
Fully Responsive Websites
Look great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. You have full control how it looks on each.
Form Builder
Create your own contact forms quickly and easily. Stop spam with built in recaptcha.
Real Time Editing
WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get. Make changes, save and your done. Made a mistake? Just undo.
Drag and Drop Editing
Seariously easy website editing. You drag , you drop, you sit back and admire!
Simple blogging
Create great content on your website with the built in blogging system
Add More Pages Easily
Easily add extra pages to your website. Make your website grow as you do.
Easy Design Changes
Change the look of your website whenever you want. We even provide pre built templates you can use.
Pre Built Sections
Stuck for ideas? We have loads of pre built slideshows, heros, content and feature areas.
SEO friendly
SEO friendly web pages with heldful tips in our learning videos.
Fast Loading Pages
Great care is taken to speed up the website. We will also give you help with images.
Advanced Google Analytics
Find out about your website visitors. We also connect your Google search console for SEO analytics.
Multiple Users
We can add as many users as you like. The advanced website will allow you to do this.
Ongoing Support
Access to concise learning videos, email and phone support available.
Free Software Updates
We will ensure all your software is upto date for security and functionality.
Regular Backups
We will back up your website every week and be able to restore from the previous two weeks.
Cancel At Any Time
We do not hold you to long contracts, you can cancel at any time and use up what you have paid for.

Take control

£29/ Month
  • 7 day free no obligation trial

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