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Our talented designer will discuss with you how you want your website to look. Your modern design will be responsive, automatically adjusting itself to look great on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.


Your website will have an administration panel that you can access to manage and edit your text, images and pages. Create great looking and informative webpages without any coding knowledge. Your website will allow you to add lots of additional functionality to your web pages such as call to actions, images, galleries, icons, maps, tabs, sliders, videos, and loads of other stuff.


We will add all your content and images to your new modern website. Sit back and relax whilst we develop your website into the modern masterpiece you want it to be.


We will provide you free hosting on our super fast dedicated server for one year. We will take care of your domain and make sure you have a smooth set up.

Why Choose Us?

If you need a new website with a modern design and plenty of cool features then we can help. Your website will be a cool modern masterpiece.

How Fast?

It will take us a 2 weeks to make your website look amazing. And we will give you the ability to make it even better, whenever you want. No coding necessary with our simple editing system which will allow you to keep your website looking great, informative and modern.

New Website Pricing

Number of Website pages Price per page Total Price Savings
1 £200 £200 £0
2 £190 £380 £20
3 £180 £540 £60
4 £170 £680 £120
5 £160 £800 £200
6 £150 £900 £300
7 £140 £980 £420
8 £130 £1040 £560
9 £120 £1080 £720
10 £110 £1100 £900
11+ £100    

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And Guess What?

Whilst we are creating your website, we will optimise your website and make sure that it is easy for Google to index each of your pages. We are here to help you.

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Specialises in online marketing & lead generation techniques. Constantly seeking new online marketing opportunities through trial and testing. Neil's Adwords knowledge is as good as it gets.


Specialises in Web Design and Banner Adverts. Aimee started as an apprentice. Her design skills are superb and her animations are awesome.


We are a highly customer focussed team, based in the Milton Keynes area.
Our strength is in our price and our level of service.
We do not outsource and all design, build and promotion work is done in-house.

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